Do you ever feel like you're 'winging it' on your journey as a solopreneur? 


Ever get the nagging sense that there could be an easier, faster, and more enjoyable way to create predictable growth in your business?


Join us starting Wednesday, January 10th for biweekly calls from 12-1pm MTN.

All The Tools You Need To Streamline Your Business

This 6-month group immersion is designed for realtors and mortgage lenders, who are eager to collaborate, share ideas, and elevate through community. 

Over the course of 6 months, we participate in coaching calls, where I’ll help you simplify success and have fun doing it!

By the end of the program, you’ll have a detailed and streamlined plan for your business. You will have strengthened your belief in your ability to be authentic, have more fun, and build the business of YOU, the only business worth building! 


Included In Your Membership:

 Coaching Calls

Starting January 10th at 12pm MTN, we'll participate in biweekly group coaching calls, where I'll help you simplify success and have fun doing it!

I'll teach you strategies for:

  • Mindset
  • Managing Energy
  • Crafting Your Unique Message
  • Time Management
  • and more!

Monday Mastermind Group ($1,170 value)

These biweekly coaching and accountability calls ensure everyone continues feeling connected, inspired, and action oriented towards their big life goals! Utilize this time on Mondays to launch the week strong with reflection, vision, and action planning for the weeks ahead. 


Launch NOW 4-Week Boot Camp Digital Self-Paced Course ($197 value)

In this self-paced 4-session intensive, you will discover that you CAN be yourself, multiply your referrals, and have more fun growing your business…in a very short amount of time!


Entrepreneurship is not a Solo Sport Masterclass Recording ($179 value)

In this 2-hour masterclass, you'll learn how, when, and why to delegate in your life and business, so you can finally enjoy the very freedom and flexibility you desire and deserve.


Resource Library

You’ll also have access to the growing library of recorded trainings, with occasional guest speakers, coaches and authors who are eager to help you take your life to new heights! 

Resources include:

  • Tribe of All Star Guest Interviews (Priceless)

  • Achieve Balanced Growth Course ($379 value)

  • Downloadable tools and worksheets (Priceless)

  • and more!

"Erin's wealth of knowledge and guidance has helped me grow tremendously, both personally and professionally. She speaks from her own real-life experience, and her passion for helping others comes across in her interactions and conversations with group members. I would highly recommend Erin's coaching to business professionals at any stage of their career, rookie or veteran."

"Erin has helped me push past my doubts and fears to see that I can create the life I want to live and love. Even if you can take away just a handful from the wealth of knowledge and applicable information she gives you, Erin's program is 100% worth your time and money. If you're ready to level up in life, this is it."


The Tribe of All Stars

Payment Plan


6 monthly payments


Single Investment


Save $485!




I'm Erin Bradley

I'm committed to having both time AND financial freedom. I believe you actually can have it all. If you can relate, I'm here to help! I know how desperate I was when I first got started. And I remember how difficult it was later, when I was overwhelmed and burning out. Both are stressful! I now have a system that solves both problems, and it's my mission to share it with you!

Through the Pursuing Freedom podcast, blog, book, and online courses, we strive to provide education and strategies to help you create a personalized game plan for YOUR success! 

Remember..."the goal is to build a life you don't need a vacation from." Let's make it happen!